Nz Policy

Hello New Zealander! 

Thank you for visiting our store!

If you are wondering about our 'No GST' policy it is rather simple. Since it is optional for us to charge GST on exports, we would rather not charge it to you. Because of our website setup however, we cannot disable GST collection at this point. Don't worry. We are working on it. In the meantime we can offer you a gift voucher for the amount of GST incurred on the goods purchase. We still have to charge you GST on the shipping fees though. 

To take advantage of this offer the order needs to be sent to a person located in NZ at a NZ address. Only orders sent overseas are eligible for GST exemption. To receive the gift voucher for the amount of GST all you need to do is:

1) Either wait for a few days for us to issue it and email it to you and /or add it to your account.

2) If you are in a rush submit an enquiry form and we will issue it sooner.

Please do your research & read the NZ imports policy carefully on the official website. Imports exceeding NZD1000 will be subject to NZ GST.